This is an agreement between Walker Utopia LTD (The agent) and (The Model)

This is not a contract.

The Model is responsible for His/ Her own Tax and NI when working for Walker Utopia LTD.
The Model is also responsible for His/Her own personal insurance.

Please let W U Know of any holidays booked as soon as you possibly can.

If sickness strikes please give W U as much notice as possible so we can replace you.

All Contact between the model and Walker Utopia’s clients will be made through Walker Utopia LTD. Under no circumstances will contact be made directly from the model to the client.

Bookings and Payments will be processed through Walker Utopia LTD.

After Introduction to a client via Walker Utopia LTD the model will not take bookings for that client directly or with another agency for the duration of the agreed time. The agreement will run for a period of 24 months.

The model should always look presentable, have the correct clothing and footwear and check into client head office from Walker Utopia Models.

Model to be on time and ready to start.(10 minutes before)

Walker Utopia payment terms are 30 days net. Invoices are required at the end of each month to prevent a payment delay.

In the unlikely event where a client pays late we will keep you informed and chase until this is resolved.